For the Rehabilitation of a Burned Child

In Colombia, children are the most affected by burns; in the acute stage they are treated in the state burned units. After this stage, it is necessary to correct the physical and psychological sequels, which includes surgeries for many years complemented with physiotherapy and psychology.

The Fundacion del Quemado since 1995, it has created a specialized team of professionals to comprehensively rehabilitate patients with serious consequences who do not have financial resources and who do not have health coverage.

The plastic surgeon makes a diagnosis of the severity of the deformities and establishes a surgical treatment plan giving priority to face, neck, and hands. Physiotherapy handles scarring before and after surgery. The psychologist interviews the patient and family, prepare them for surgery and accompanies them throughout the recovery of their new image. The social worker supports the patient and the family, achieving a comprehensive recovery and returning to academic, social, and work environments and with this, there is an improvement in their quality of life.

The Foundation requires your support to make possible the reincorporation of these children into society through partial or total donation vouchers that include the 6-month treatment. The Foundation will assign a patient and will give you a Donation certificate. You will receive the report evidenced the evolution of your treatment.


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