The resources obtained by the Environmental Program enter the Solidarity Fund of the Foundation that subsidizes the treatment of patients with sequelae of burn.

What you can donate?

  • Recyclable material: paper archive, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, books, notebooks, AZ, plastic PET bottles, plastic containers of detergents and cleaners, plastic containers of toilet products, damaged plastic or paste toys, scrap, keys, tools, glass.
  • Used vegetable oil : used cooking oil.
  • Used Oil Automotive, industrial and aeronautical.
  • Electrical and electronic equipment – RAEE: CPU, hard drives, printers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, monitors, keyboards, mice, cables, peripherals, cameras, microphones, UPS, chargers, etc..
  • Office and home furniture, baby car seats.

WE DO NOT RECEIVE Luminaires, wood, alkaline batteries, jars or cans contaminated with paint.

Keep in mind

  • Scheduling collection of recyclable material is carried out within 3 business days after the request is made.
  • Scheduling collection of oils and RAEE will be made according to the availability of managers allies, once met the minimum requirements for them


  • Make proper management of your waste.
  • Receive Donation Certificate with Tax Benefit, the value that the Foundation has represented the waste or donated materials.
  • Receive Environmental Certificate of use and/or adequate final disposal of waste.
  • Receive awareness talk for the company’s staff.
  • Obtain Social Profitability by supporting a non-profit organization that benefits a vulnerable population.
  • Improve your corporate image.
  • Improved competitiveness in the market for environmentally friendly behavior.
  • Contributes to the achievement of the proposed goals within the Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Cities and Communities).


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