Rebirth to Life

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Since 1995 Piel para Renacer a la Vida | Fundación del Quemado has worked uninterruptedly to treat patients with burn sequelae.

Every day there is a greater number of patients that come to their doors to request the support and attention that the Health System does not provide, even to those who have coverage. When they attend, it is not done with opportunity or quality, the appointments are spaced, without continuity, with different professionals and without a work plan designed for your particular case.

Conversely, when a patient requests care at the Foundation, in less than two days he has assigned your appointment with plastic surgery, psychology and social work on the same day, based on the evaluation of each professional a plan is established of treatment, if surgery is required, laboratory tests are requested and surgery is scheduled at the Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation with whom we have an agreement, many cannot avoid the tears and with a smile they comment on the difference and quality of care. They have stopped being a number and now they feel human beings for whom someone cares.

Throughout this journey, infinite links have been established with different organizations that allow the consolidation of a whole network that strengthens their actions. Food Bank, FUNSTAL that houses patients from outside of Bogota, AFLORA that supports training of social organizations, Doctors for Peace whose motto is “Train one, cure many”, universities such as La Sabana, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, La Salle College, Jorge Tadeo Lozano, etc., who send their students for social practice.

“It is the only organization in the country that performs different events to train health professionals in the care of the burned patient; performs two or three courses of Initial Basic Attention of Burning ABIQ, which is aimed at all those who intervene at some point in the patient’s care chain before entering the Burn Unit, which allows it to arrive in better conditions because First aid has been provided, hydration and pain management has begun, and the first wound healing has been carried out. “

Every two years it organizes the International Burn Congress with national and international guests to update on the latest advances in the treatment of burns and implement new technologies.

The Foundation was the first to denounce and put into evidence the attacks by acid as the most visible face of violence against women and since then it has been committed not only to the attention of some of the victims, but has contributed to the elaboration of guides for your treatment.

Belongs to the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) as a regional representative for South America, the Latin American Federation of Burns (FELAQ), Physicians for Peace or Physicians for Peace, all organizations that contribute to the treatment of burned patients.

As a recognition of their social work, the Fundacion del Quemado </ strong> </ span> was one of the 4 organizations invited to give their testimony in the celebration of the Eucharist by Pope Francisco in the Simón Bolívar Park, during his visit to Colombia. It has been compromised and in some occasions, it has led the prevention of burns by gunpowder and for other causes with the aim of diminishing them.

In summary, an organization such as Piel para Renacer | Fundacion del Quemado is necessary for the country, so it must receive all the support of the State and civil society

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